MCCS Pass Through Series

MCCS Pass Through Series

Conveyor Parts Washers

HPI Pro Inc. provides Jenfab’s pass-through washer is the solution to your high-volume cleaning needs. With six standard machine platforms, Jenfab can integrate washing, rinsing, passivating, applying iron phosphate, rust preventive and drying. With a fully staffed engineering department and parts testing for process validation before purchase, we can assist you in finding the right system. Jenfab Cleaning Solutions MCCS pass-through washer is one of the highly recommended series that widely used in industries.

Designed with today’s factory in mind, the MCCS line of washers fit easily into any production line whether it is a cellular or central cleaning environment.

Belting Options:

Ranging from six to72 inches, belts include flat wire, chain, plastic, powered rollers and part fixtures.

Oversized Tunnel Opening:

With the large 24-inch-wide by 15-inch high tunnel opening, a wider range of parts can be processed for more flexibility. The belt width and height can be customized for your application.

Large Option Shelf:

Each MCCS unit comes equipped with an optional shelf for easy access and maintenance of the mechanical components. Additionally, should you decide to add certain options later, there will be no modifications needed.

Standard Features:

The MCCS line of cleaning systems come equipped with the following features:

  • Vertical Pump Systems-Reliable and Efficient
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Tank Insulation - Saves Energy
  • Electric Heat Elements
  • Industrial Controls-Lighted Switches
  • Large Lift-Off Side Access Panels
  • Heavy-Duty Drive System with Sealed Bearings
  • Option Ready Shelf-Not Sure what Options You will Need? Our Machines come Ready for Simple Plug-N Play Option Installation Infield
  • Low Water Shut-Off-Protect Your Heat Elements from Low Water Conditions
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles with Custom Header for Precision Cleaning
  • Slip Clutch-On Drive System for Safety
  • Chip Tray

This MCCS Pass Through Washer, industrial series is used for cleaning and fit easily in to any production line. We offer cleaning systems with small and large. HPI Processes, Inc. provides MCCS Pass Through Washer Series, which are designed for the high-volume cleaning needs. 

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MCCS Pass Through Washer Series

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