Commercial Series

Commercial Series

Commercial parts washers are heavy duty machines built keeping commercial customers in mind. These parts washers eliminate the need of manual cleaning, and help manufacturing units save time for other productive tasks. These maintenance-free parts washers have space saving designs allowing users to place them closer to a wall to free up floor space. 


Orca-Roll-in Door Automatic Parts Washer

Orca Roll-in door Automatic Parts Washer. Eliminate the need to manually clean parts with an old scrub tub, pressure washer or potentially harmful solvents. Jenfab’s Orca roll-in door automatic parts washer offers superior cleaning that can pay for itself in less than one year through avoided labor costs. It is ideal for heavy or light-duty cleaning and the roll-in door design makes it a good fit for small spaces. The Jenfab Orca is available in three standard turntable sizes of 25, 31 or 36 inches and includes a host of standard features the competition lacks.

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Avenger Top load Automatic Parts Washer

The Avenger is ideal for small shops, automotive service facilities and work cell cleaning operations that want to save time and labor without spending a lot to do it. Small and compact, the Avenger is perfect for tight spaces and requires virtually no training to operate. The lift-up lid and washbasin are constructed of durable stainless steel, so rusting will never be an issue. Jenfab’s unique gear and sprocket driven turntable also means you’ll never have to worry about replacing worn-out belts or drive chains. In addition, the Avenger comes with a built-in fluid strainer that helps extend the life of your cleaning solution, so your money doesn’t go down the drain.

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Automatic parts washers offer enhanced cleaning performance through automation of the washing process. Using high-pressure jets and and detergent solution, simply place parts inside the washer, turn on the machine and walk away, leaving you free to work on other revenue producing jobs

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