Portable ROC Batch Treatment Unit

Portable ROC Batch Treatment Unit


These are HPI’s leading industrial wastewater recycling systems, designed to treat contaminated wastewater. These systems can remove suspended solids, heavy metals, oils, etc. These units can be easily transported to various locations.

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The portable ROC Batch Treatment (BT) unit is one of HPI’s leading portable wastewater treatment systems. It is specifically designed for industries and applications, which comprise different types of wastewater from cleaning and manufacturing processes. The portable treatment system is designed to quickly and efficiently treat contaminated wastewater, water containing suspended solids, heavy metals, organic compounds and oils. Utilizing flocculation, recycled water from the ROC BT can be reused over and over while also meeting all sewer Authority disposal codes eliminating the costly process of disposal! It is a completely self-contained unit, with an inbuilt filter system. Hence, the need to change filter bags is eliminated and a majority of maintenance costs are reduced.

As a portable wastewater treatment systems, the BT unit can be easily transported to different locations. The simple design allows for easy installation and disassembly. Overall, the time used in disposal of hazardous wastewater is reduced exponentially.

The ROC Portable Batch Treatment unit can be utilized in processes in the following industries
  • Metal Finishing and Electro-Polishing
  • Printing, Screening, and Paint Coating
  • Pressure Washing
  • Plating and general manufacturing
  • Automotive Repair and Recycling Centers
  • Truck Wash Centers

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