A number of industries across the world are choosing bioremediation for the purpose of cleaning wastewater. Bioremediation is the process of treating wastewater with the help of naturally occurring microorganisms, and other aspects of the natural environment.


CLT Modular Bio-System for Recycling or Discharging to Sanitary Sewer

These are modular bio-systems, which are used to treat and recycle commercial and industrial wastewater. They are popular for golf and turf applications, where the water streams have high organic content.

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PM-1000D Automatic System for Bioremediation Pit Management

1The PM-1000D is an automated, eco-friendly system to manage wash water collection pits, tanks, or drains. It can be integrated with water treatment systems to remove oil, grease, hydrocarbons, and organic materials.

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Advantages of Bioremediation:

Here are a number of advantages to implementing the bioremediation process. 

  • Zero Transfer of Contaminants: Bioremediation eliminates specific pollutants by breaking them down into harmless products as opposed to transferring them to a different medium. 
  • Cost-effective: Bioremediation is a cheaper alternative compared to other technologies used for wastewater treatment.
  • No Chemicals Involved: The process of bioremediation does not involve any harmful chemicals, thus making it a safe method for the treatment of wastewater.

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