Battery Wash Recycling Systems

Battery Wash Recycling Systems

To keep forklift batteries running efficiently, they must be cleaned periodically. But maintenance procedures don’t stop there — you must also make provisions to safely dispose of runoff from the washing process. Failing to do so could subject your business to massive EPA fines, or even land you in jail.
HPI Processes, Inc. has the ideal solution to meet this requirement – the battery wash recycling system. Designed to remove contaminants from your industrial wastewater, this system is the result of an alliance between HPI Processes, and Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS). The organization supplies battery handling and warehouse equipment, to create comprehensive wastewater management solutions.


The Battery Wash Recycling Systems (BWRS) are designed to remove metals, organic compounds, and suspended solids from water quickly and efficiently. The recycled water can be reused multiple times, while meeting all Sewer Authority disposal codes.

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This type of Battery Wash Recycling System (BWRS) is designed to support the primary BWR system. Automated pH controls, separating agents, flocculation, and deep bed filters are used to treat and recycle the water.

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Features and Advantages of the Battery Wash Recycling System
This is a closed loop system that is designed to remove particulates from recycled wastewater. It is specifically used on the water supplied to battery wash cabinets. The battery wash recycling system utilizes the process of flocculation to purify and reuse wastewater.

The following are the beneficial aspects of this unique system:
•    It has the capability to treat up to 100 gallons of water within 20 minutes.
•    It can remove heavy metals, organic compounds, and suspended solids from wastewater efficiently.
•    The battery wash system is designed to meet all Sewer Authority disposal codes.

The HPI battery wash recycling system is the result of in-depth research on battery wash water disposal, and the engineering prowess of HPI Processes, Inc. With this system, you can focus on providing the right solutions to customers, and enhance the success of your industrial business.

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