Dip Agitation Tank

Dip Agitation Tank

HPI Processes, Inc. provides JRI Industries DAT Dip-Agitation Tanks that allow customers to clean parts efficiently. The industrial dip tank fitted with an agitation washer uses submersion to effectively clean parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

Features of DAT Dip Agitation Tanks

DAT immersion and agitation systems are equipped with features that make them a popular industrial washing solution. 

  • The agitation tanks are available in four standard sizes with four varying load capacities of 150, 250, 350, and 500 lbs. 
  • A lift mechanism in each chamber enables easy operation. 
  • The agitation tanks can be manufactured in different configurations:
    • Unheated or heated
    • Single Stages or Multiple Stages
    • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction. 

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DIP Agitation Tanks

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