Cuda Top Load Parts Washers

Cuda Top Load Parts Washers

Newly manufactured parts and components need to be washed and cleaned before they are sent for further stages of the manufacturing process such as testing, assembling, surface finishing, packaging or shipping. The cleaning process includes degreasing and drying among other functions. CUDA top-load parts washers are specially designed to take care of all these aspects. Top-load parts washers have an automated functionality that offer superior quality cleaning with virtually no human intervention. It reduces laborious tasks such as scrubbing by hand and reduces the contact of caustic chemicals for your shop staff. They use specially made industrial detergents with rust inhibiting properties along with pressurized hot water. Since the top load parts washers are compact this means that they can be installed in small spaces.

CUDA 2412 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

The budget parts washer is used in applications that require lower pressure from their top load washers. Measuring only 35 inches, the CUDA 2412 can be used anywhere on the shop floor.

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CUDA 2518 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

The 2518 is the best model available in the CUDA series. Extremely durable in nature, it is used to handle tough everyday cleaning. Requiring little to no maintenance, this parts washer helps increase productivity in demanding situations.

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CUDA SJ-15 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

SJ-15 series is the newest addition to the Cuda top load line-up.

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CUDA Top Load Parts Washer Standard Features


Control Panel

All CUDA Series top-load parts washers  have simple control panels for the heater,  wash cycle operation, as well as a low-  water shut-off indicator.

Automatic Oil Skimmer

With stainless steel disc and wiper  blades, the skimmer effectively removes  oil and grease from the cleaning  solution to prolong the life, and to  provide a means for convenient oil and  grease disposal.


Removable Debris Screen

Removable Debris Screen The patented  front access debris screen filters debris  particles from the wash solution to ensure  clear spray nozzle operation, and also  provides a safeguard against small parts  that might accidentally be washed through  from the cleaning chamber. The debris  screen is standard on the CUDA 2518 and  CUDA 2412 Series.

Easy Access Sump Cover

The easy access sump cover permits  quick and easy cleaning of the CUDA  parts washer.


Top Load Options

*Detail Brush w/Pump

*Oil Drain Container

*Detail and Power Brush

*24 Hour Timer, 115V, 15A
*24 Hour, Heater, 7 Day Timer


Top Load Parts Washer Accessories and Options






Automatic Water Fill
Containment Ring, 22”      
Containment Ring, 24"      
Containment Ring, 25"      
Deluxe Kit:Detail and Power Brush  
Detail Brush w/Pump
Power Brush (Pneumatic)
Oil Drain Container
Filtration System  
Filtration System w/Sump Sweep      
Timer, Skimmer, 24 Hour 7 Day      
Timer, Heater, 24 Hour, 7 Day  
Timer, Heater & Skimmer, 24 Hour, 7 Day  
Light Duty Small Parts Basket (8" x 8" x 4")
Light Duty Small Parts Basket (16" x 12" x 6")  
Insert, 60 Mesh for Debris Screen Tray  
Hour Meter
PK-100D Sump Cleaner  
PK-100D Filter Bag    
Casters Wheels, Set of 4      
Pressure Gauge      
Pressure GaugeTemperature Gauge      
Service Tray      
Tool Basket with Tools (3 Brushes, 1 Scraper)      
Evaporator, Wastewater Drum (FOB AR)
Preferred Options Package :        
(Parts Basket, Containment Ring, Oil Container)  

CUDA top-load parts washer helps increase productivity and efficiency, and reduces overall costs. The top-load washers have an easy-to-use control panel in order to select a program for a wash cycle and have a low water shut-off system if the wash solution in the sump goes below a safe level. These parts washers also have a removable debris screen which filters out particles from the washing solution and an automatic oil skimmer with stainless steel discs with wipers for oil and grease removal. Some models have nozzles which facilitate a powerful jet-cleaning action to eliminate dirt and grime quickly. The accessible sump cover makes it easy to clean out the sand and other debris from the bottom of the sump chamber by either flushing it through the sump drain or using a wet/dry vac. They also have a safety switch with an auto pump turn-off feature which protects the worker from hot water spray when the lid is opened. CUDA part washers are environmentally friendly which eliminates issues related to detergent disposal and health risks.

HPI Pro offers a selection of CUDA top-load parts washer models, considering its usability and automation features, safe design, versatility, and varied configurations and prices.

CUDA Top-load Parts Washer Models Offered by HPI Processes Inc.

These are some of the CUDA top load parts washer models from HPI Processes, Inc.’s product catalog.


If you have any questions regarding a CUDA Top-Load automatic parts washer, please contact our experts at HPI Processes Inc., we would be happy to assist you in your purchase of a CUDA.


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