Custom Wash Bays

Wash Bay Systems for Cleaning Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, such as trucks, forklifts, earth moving equipment, or heavy machines, you need a wash bay system. A wash bay system will allow your staff to easily clean all the equipment and vehicles on site. Wash bay systems provide highly efficient cleaning and are easier to maintain than stand-alone pressure washers.

Custom Wash Bay Systems by HPI Processes, Inc.

HPI Processes, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of integrated wash bay systems that are custom built to fit our customers' requirements.

Overview of the HPI Wash Bay System

Following are the major parts of an HPI Wash Bay System:

•    Wash Pad: The wash pad is about 5' wider than the equipment to be washed. It slopes toward the catch basin. The equipment must be driven onto the pad for washing.
•    Pressure Washer: HPI wash bay system includes a stationary pressure washer of the customer’s choice.
•    Catch Basin: Catch basin is installed below the wash pad. It is covered by a grate that acts as a screen for larger sediments. The grate is strong enough to be driven over and can be cleared as needed. Besides, a finer mesh screen can be installed on top of the grate for smaller sediments such as grass clippings, etc. Used wash water from the catch basin is automatically pumped to the recycling machine for cleaning.
•    Recycling Machine: The wastewater is passed through the recycling machine, which removes the contaminants. The clean water is stored in a holding tank for reuse.
•    Disposal System: The contaminants are collected on a filter cloth or in a bag filter. The residue is then dumped into a container for proper disposal.

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