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Coagulation and Flocculation in Wastewater Treatment

The ability for all living beings to have access to clean water is an essential right, and throughout the years, there have been many water filtration techniques invented. Some of the most basic water treatment processes include filtration, sedimentation, and coagulation flocculation. Coagulation is a process wherein certain chemicals are added to water. These are called coagulants and are positively charged. Coagulants neutralize the negatively charged particulate matter and sediments in water. The upper portion of the water is good to use once the large and heavy particles flocculate settle towards the bottom of the container. One of the systems we offer is the by Water Maze Solutions.

CoAg2-20A Chemical Water Treatment System

An advanced chemical water treatment system, the CoAg2-20A adds polymers and chemical coagulants to remove emulsified oils, and suspended solids from wastewater streams. It is a low maintenance, cost-effective system.

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IPF2-20D Indexing Polishing Filter

The IPF can be used along with water treatment technology for pretreatment and additional filtration or as a stand alone treatment system. The system utilizes micron size media paper to filter particulates continuously with an indexing filter bed.

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The Innovator Series Wastewater Treatment Systems We Offer

Our electro-coagulation system is particularly useful for wastewater treatment from a wide range of levels Individual modules can be chosen to be incorporated into a complete solution for your business needs. The Innovator Series is a next generation system which removes oils, emulsifiers, solids, and metals from water. It comprises three parts-

  1. EC2 - Electrocoagulation System
  2. CoAg - Chemical Coagulation System
  3. Indexing Polishing Filter

This advanced system combines electro-coagulation and chemical coagulation that perfectly removes the suspended particles in wastewater streams and also speeds up the process. An electro-coagulation reaction occurs in an electrolytic cell, after which EC+ polymer is added which forms a clump of coagulated solids, oils, and other waste. Once the waste is removed, the treated water is purged into the indexing polishing filter. The water undergoes further treatment and recycling in the filter, where it can be transferred to the sewer. The best part is that this system can be used independently or integrated with an existing system in your business for pretreatment before actual processes such as coagulation in water purification, bioremediation.

Beneficial Features of Our CoAg2-20A Chemical Water Treatment System

This system has a patented design which increases the speed and efficiency of coagulation flocculation in water treatment. Here are some beneficial features of this system:

  • The CoAg2-20A system is a patented, modular, and compact-sized system with a small footprint.
  • It can process flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute.
  • This system comprises a skid mounted steel platform and a fully enclosed control cabinet with doors which can be locked.
  • It has a 3/4 HP infeed pump with flow switch shut-down system and an inline chemical injection with mixing chamber.
  • It also has two 150-gal. polyethylene cone-bottom mixing tanks with air-actuated directional control valve.
  • The outer part of indexing polishing filter (IPF) is made of carbon steel and the interior parts are made of stainless steel.
  • This filter has a micron size media paper which filters out finer particles.
  • The top end or the load bearing side of the conveyor belt does not sag because of a good support system in place.
  • It has a uniquely designed filter bed which receives the influent water and holds the media paper tightly against the conveyor. It also allows the paper to slide as indicated by the float and drive system.
  • IPF has adjustable support legs to suit various sump sizes.
  • You can combine the CoAg2-20A system with a settling tank with internal piping to dispose of contaminants. On the other hand, you can use it with IPF to get a clear stream of water ready to recycle or safely discharge into the environment depending on the local rules and regulations.

Factors Affecting Coagulation and Flocculation

Water, by default, contains dissolved impurities in various forms such as gases, minerals, and chemical compounds. All of these affect the physical and chemical composition of water in terms of color, turbidity, pH, taste, and odor. This means that water purification is essential, wether it is for drinking, usage, reuse, or disposal into the environment. Environmental parameters as well as the physical and chemical properties of the water or liquid do have an impact on the coagulation and flocculation process. How much coagulant to apply depends on these factors. Here are some of the factors which affect the process.

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Type of coagulant whether chemical or natural
  • Type of effluent
  • Size, charge, and composition of suspended particles
  • Density of the solution

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Aside from our credibility, experience, and expertise, there are many benefits of partnering with us. Here are some of them.

  • The system design is stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and harsh chemicals.
  • Once we know your application requirements, we review and analyze them thoroughly. HPI will customize the coagulation flocculation system based on your requirements such as the type of waste in water and the speed in rpm you would require. We offer fully customizable pH adjustment systems that suit your budget and application requirements.
  • We are known for on-time deliveries without compromising on quality.
  • We have a well-equipped facility, wherein we can perform testing and analysis of the CoAg2-20A system, the settling tank and IPF.
  • We have stringent testing and quality control measures in place. Each system is tested in terms of structure, safety, design, and functionality before it is shipped out.


HPI Processes, Inc. has a team of experts who can offer you all the required technical assistance. If you have any further questions or need to share requirements, you can contact us via phone or email.

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