About Us

Located 20 miles north of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, HPI Processes, Inc. is a privately held company committed to bringing affordable environmentally friendly technology to the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service with custom engineered solutions to their processing line needs.  Specializing in the plastic fabricated lines, metal finish lines, parts washers, and water recycling systems of wash water, HPI has made a name for itself as an innovator and  a leader in reducing costs and raising productivity for our clients.

About Us


Originally incorporated as HPI Plastics in 1978, HPI has been providing various process lines to the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. Our extensive skills and years of experience encompass all aspects of system design, implementation, and training for the operation of systems designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer, at significant savings over the outdated systems currently available on the market.


Professional engineers and experienced technical designers on the HPI staff can help you incorporate an additional process into your existing system, or create a completely new process line tailored to your needs. These systems are not “off the shelf” units that “almost” fit your needs. HPI systems are designed with the valuable input of your technicians and maintenance personnel, which will ensure the provision of equipment that operates according to your specifications, and will grow with your company’s needs.


HPI Processes prides itself on a proven track record with systems in place throughout the US Federal Government, State and County Governments, Local Municipalities, and numerous major manufacturers in the United States and Canada, right down to the local car dealerships and machine shops.


 Our systems are so adaptive they fit almost any industrial processes, all with minimal amounts of customization costs to our customers. Our application engineering approach is to integrate the latest technologies available, combined with our own proprietary products, to offer our customers the benefit of the most reasonably priced “state-of-the-art” systems available.


Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge and superior customer service makes HPI Processes the ideal choice for process line needs.


Our quality starts at the drawing board!


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