Non-Stop Odor Absorber

Non-Stop Odor Absorber


As you may recall, I am the customer whose house was inhabited by a skunk that continuously sprayed for over 24 hours before being caught. I heard of your product from a local zoo. I placed canisters in each of the most affected rooms. Amazingly, in just a few days, I noticed that a majority of the tainted odor was reduced and gradually faded to a faint scent. I credit your product with successfully absorbing the odor and neutralizing the skunk remains. I recommend it to all who are struggling with a “scent dilemma”.

Charles M.
Emerson, New Jersey

I have a stable with quite a few horses and in the winter with closed doors the acidy air becomes quite noticeable. I have tied various things for years. I can tell you and everyone else who wishes to listen, your “ODOR ABSORBER” is the most effective cure I ever had. You have a tiger by the tail in this revolutionary product.

Abby H.
Buttercreek Stables

I am a lifelong cigar smoker (over 30 years) who has to listen to the complaints of my family about the lingering odor of my beloved stogies. We’ve searched for a product that would eliminate the problem-candles, sprays, air purifiers. Nothing worked. Then, I saw the Non-Stop Odor Absorber. The results were nothing short of amazing. Thanks for making a great product at a reasonable price.

Les K.
Norwalk Public Library, Connecticut

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your introducing me to the Non-Stop products. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of your product. Odors are always a concern in any veterinary hospital. I have placed Non-Stop containers in strategic areas of the hospital and they definitely help control odors. I have offered the product for sale to my clients and have found them to be a popular item.

Gary J. V.M.D.
King of Prussia Veterinary Hospital

My cleaning crew has been very pleased with the results of your Non-Stop Citrus Spray Cleaner and have ceased to use other commercial products. I have continued purchasing this product because of the extraordinary results.

Claire N.
Colmar, Pennsylvania

I have been purchasing your odor absorber at a national chain in Greece, NY. I have used it for several years and find it to be the best absorber on the market.

Carol T.
Hilton, NY

I just wanted you to know that your deodorizing products have eliminated the unpleasant diaper smells from our school bathroom. We have put one in the diaper pail and the large block hanging on the wall. It is quite amazing how those odors have just disappeared!

Robin A.
Congregation Beth Or. Preschool

I just wanted to let you know when I opened up my containers, an hour later I was surprised to have 95% of the smell in the ferret shelter absorbed. And that’s saying a lot for a shelter with 20 some ferrets. I also have whole ferrets that still have there scent glands intact and well nothing works for them and your product did! I am giving you the stamp of approval from our ferret shelter.

Jake B.
Co-Director PA Ferret Club & Shelter Cheltenham, Pa

I have had a pet for years and never used a product I was happy with when cleaning up those “untimely” accidents. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well your Multi-Enzyme Stain and Odor Remover worked on my pet “spots”. I tried your product on tough stains on my children’s clothes. Your product got those tough grass and gravy stains out with no problem.

Louis M.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Non-Stop Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator is by far the best product we have put to use in the past 15 years. We have tried every name brand to eliminate stains and odors during puppy season; and this product certainly exceeds all others.

Lotzs’ Doberman Pinshers

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