Construction is a dirty business. If you are responsible for maintaining the heavy equipment rolling through dirt, mud, and concrete, you are in store for quite a mess. From blasting caked-on grime off of your equipment to containing the mess and being water efficient there are many tools necessary to do this dirty work properly. Some components to consider are spraying equipment, wash bays, separation pits, and a water recycling system.

Water recycling is ideal in a construction equipment washing operation for the following reasons:

  • It requires a heavy flow of water to knock of the layers of dirt typically formed onto construction equipment. It would be expensive and inefficient to rely on a source of raw water consistently.

  • The wash water required for this application does not need to meet strict standards of cleanliness. After heavy residues are removed the equipment might still look a little dirty and that’s okay.

  • Simple treatment methods can be used. Because the contamination is mainly dirt, workers are not at risk of contacting toxic materials when using recycled water to wash equipment. As a result simpler, less-expensive treatment methods can be employed.

  • Recycling reduces costs and inconveniences of wastewater disposal.

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