pH Adjust Treatment System

pH Adjust Treatment System

pH adjustment is an important aspect of water purification and filtration processes before its usage. A pH adjusting system neutralizes the pH of water or wastewater sample flows and keeps it around 7, or typically between 6 and 9. This is done by adding pH adjuster chemicals in measured amounts.

HPI Processes, Inc. offers manual and automatic pH adjustment systems for players in the water and wastewater segment which includes domestic water purification as well as industrial wastewater treatment. These automated systems are programmed to bring the pH to a neutral value or as required by your application.

Types pH Adjusting Systems We Offer

The pH value is a key factor in wastewater treatment. Wastewater with an extremely acidic or alkaline pH is untreatable. The pH is adjusted adding the required amount of acidic or basic chemicals which allows dissolved waste to be removed from the water during the treatment process. Here are of the details of the pH adjustment systems we offer.

Automatic pH Adjustment System: We offer a fully automated system which ensures automated pH adjustment by pumping measured amounts of pH adjusters, treating the water, ensuring a neutral pH, and discharging wastewater. The entire process is pre-programmed depending on the application requirement. The system can be provided with a tank or fitted to an existing tank at your facility. We offer automatic pH adjust systems which enable pH monitoring of wastewater and metering in the necessary chemicals to adjust to a specified pH.

Custom Options We Offer

Once we know your application specifications, we will review and analyze making any changes you require. We will then customize the system based on the amount and frequency of dosing your application requires. This will be dependent on the types of impurities the water contains. Each system we design is customized based on the needs of your business.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Below are some of the benefits of having HPI Processes customize a system for your business needs.

  • We offer fully customizable pH adjustment systems that suit your budget and application requirements.
  • We are known for on-time deliveries without compromising on quality.
  • We have advanced equipment and a well-equipped facility, wherein we can perform testing and analysis of the instruments for wastewater as well as pH measurement.
  • We have stringent testing and quality control measures in place. Each system is tested in terms of structure, safety, design, and functionality before it is shipped out.

HPI Processes, Inc. provides automatic pH adjust systems with the capabilities of monitoring the pH of wastewater and metering in the necessary chemicals to adjust to the specified pH value. Our team of experts can offer you all the required technical assistance. Should you have any enquiries or want to share your requirements and need a quote, our team is there to help you. If you have any questions about this product, our services in terms of pH adjusting systems, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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