Three-Stage Systems ( Wash / Rinse / Dry )

Three-Stage Systems ( Wash / Rinse / Dry )

Reliable Inline Three- Stage Parts Washing Systems for Various Industrial Cleaning Applications

HPI Processes, Inc. provides Three Stage Inline Parts Washer Systems that are designed for complete inline cleaning of a wide variety of machine parts. These parts washer systems are ideal for cleaning operations that require wash, rinse, and dry stages. These parts washers can be manufactured with various options and specifications to meet your cleaning demands. 



Features and Benefits of Three-Stage Inline Parts Washer Systems

The three stage parts washer systems are equipped with features that provide hands-free, efficient cleaning. 

  • These parts washers systems are constructed from stainless steel for continual performance in harsh environments.
  • The inline parts washer systems can be used to remove oil, grease, chips, coolants, stamping lubes, and other tough contaminants from machine parts. 
  • The modular designs of these parts washers help them meet complex production needs. 
  • The three-stage inline parts washer systems are designed for high volume cleaning of parts ranging from an ounce to hundreds of pounds. These parts washer systems are available in lengths up to nearly 28’ and widths up to nearly 6’.  
  • These systems are fitted with 5 hp wash pumps, 3 hp rinse pumps, and blowers with 10, 15, and 20 hp capacities. 
  • Versatility, water saving design, and minimal maintenance make these washers popular in industrial settings. 

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Three-Stage Systems are designed for those customers that need both a spot and detergent residue free as well as a dry part. Three-Stage Systems are stainless steel construction standard.

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