Industrial Part Cleaners

Industrial Part Cleaners


Industrial parts cleaner machines are widely used in manufacturing facilities to clean large and small machine or equipment parts. These machines are used for cleaning, drying, and degreasing. Although most machine and equipment parts are designed for long-term use, they may break down if not cleaned and maintained properly. This is where industrial parts cleaner machines, also known as industrial parts washers, may help. Owing to their increasing popularity, today you can see parts cleaning machines from several industry-leading brands; however, they differ in terms of specifications and cleaning capabilities. HPI Processes, Inc. is one of the leading providers of industrial parts cleaner machines. Our parts cleaning machines are widely used across industries for parts cleaning.

An Overview of Parts Washers

A parts cleaner is equipment that is designed to clean grime, dirt, grease, and other contaminants from machine parts moving to the next part of processing or prior to shipping. The cleaned parts not only add value to the equipment but are also examined for quality control and identifying imperfections, flaws, and deformities.

Parts cleaners use some type of cleaning agent to ensure the best results. Most cleaning agents used for parts cleaning are formulated using strong chemicals. These cleaning agents may have adverse effects on hand if you are using them with bare hands. Also, their regular use may have other side effects. This can be easily avoided by using parts cleaning machines.

How Parts Cleaners Work

The parts cleaning machine works in the following phases:

  • Pre-Cleaning: The part is pre-cleaned before it enters into the further phases of cleaning. In this, the part is drenched or lightly sprayed to remove dust as well as other loose material that is formed on the part surface.
  • Cleaning: In this stage, the part to be cleaned is placed in the parts cleaning equipment.
  • Rinsing: During this stage, the parts are rinsed with water to clean them. Water drawn from city water sources is used for parts cleaning. This water is treated to remove calcium and magnesium that may otherwise leave spots on the surfaces.
  • Corrosion-protection Rinse: This rinsing is performed on parts that may be exposed to elements causing corrosion. In this phase, a corrosion protection chemical is added to improve the corrosion protection properties of the part.

Types of Industrial Parts Cleaner Machines Provided by HPI Processes, Inc.

At HPI Processes, Inc., we offer the following types of parts cleaning equipment and they have set industry standards for consistent performance. Our selection features automatic parts washers that need little intervention. The following are the popular industrial parts cleaner equipment available with us.

  • Industrial Aqueous Parts Washers: These parts washers are water-based and are used for industrial cleaning. They use water and detergent to clean the parts. Industrial aqueous parts washers are often used as a substitute for cleaners that are solvent-based. These cleaners are ideal for cleaning contaminants like grease, oil, ink, paints, and so on. Our selection features CUDA front load aqueous parts washers and top load aqueous parts washers. You can simply load the parts to be washed to these equipment and they will be washed automatically. Our CUDA parts washers can support up to four mechanics who would otherwise spend large time cleaning these parts manually. They are used in various industries such as aircraft maintenance, automotive and truck manufacturing, construction equipment, oil field service, and so on. CUDA parts washers are chosen by leading automobile manufacturers across the US.
  • Industrial Conveyor Parts Washers: These parts washers are designed for cleaning conveyor parts. Our collection features single, two-stage, and three-stage systems. The parts washers can wash/rinse or wash dry the conveyor parts. They feature high-volume precision cleaning and rinsing, oil skimmer and container, auto-fill and low-water safety systems, continuous large-particle filtration, high-efficiency drying, enclosed blower motor, and so on. The conveyor parts washers are made of stainless steel and they rinse and dry all wetted parts. The machines can be entirely upgraded to stainless steel to improve their durability. Our InLine conveyor parts washing systems are mobile and can be customized to meet the diverse washing requirements of various industries.

Although these parts washers are available in standard configurations, if your needs are complex or specific, you can call us at HPI Processes, Inc.

Features of Industrial Parts Cleaner Machines Offered by HPI Pro, Inc.

The following features of industrial parts cleaner machines provided by us make them popular with our industrial customers.

  • These parts washers can be used to wash a large number of parts at a time.
  • Our collection mostly comprises automatic industrial parts washers that can clean parts on their own. They can work with minimal or almost no human intervention.
  • The parts washers are made of sturdy and strong stainless steel material, which ensures their durability and performance. They can withstand corrosion and challenging environments.
  • You can easily choose from a variety of designs, construction materials, or material handling options. They are available in modular construction options.
  • During each process, the parts are moved to isolated process zones, which helps prevent cross-contamination of parts.
  • The parts cleaning machine is equipped with a wide range of blower and pump options, which makes cleaning easier for small and large parts.
  • Some parts cleaning equipment models feature glass viewing windows, which helps you check the progress of washing. You can also see the temperature through the glass viewing windows.
  • These parts cleaning machines come with a variety of filtration options, so you can choose the appropriate one based on your requirement.
  • They come with easy access spray manifolds, which makes cleaning easier.
  • All our products are UL listed and they comply with all necessary industry standards, which has contributed to their widespread usage across industries.
  • Many parts cleaning machines feature PLC and others feature multimedia interface (MMMI). Both these features make settings easy for operators.
  • Our industrial parts cleaner equipment features pressure gauges that are mounted on the panel.
  • Most parts cleaning equipment feature acoustic insulation that makes them ideal for manufacturing environments where noise can be a concern. Today, most manufacturers are keen to invest in equipment that assure high efficiency while reducing noise.
  • The machines feature flexible and scalable design, and can be operated at high speeds.
  • They come with quick access features, which makes maintenance easy.

Applications of Industrial Parts Washers

Our industrial parts cleaning machines are used to clean a wide range of industrial equipment components in the following industries.

  • Electric Motors
  • Paint Removal
  • Aircraft Bearing
  • Diesel Engine Block Parts
  • Military
  • Transmission Parts
  • Rail Bearing Parts

Pointers to Choose the Right Industrial Parts Washers

There are several industrial parts washers available for your purchase. Although these machines are designed for the same purpose, they may not bring the desired results. The following pointers will help you make the right selection.

  • Contaminants to be removed
  • Gallons per minute (GPM) of a pump
  • Single or multi-step cleaning to be required
  • Type of cleaning methods to be used
  • Materials using which the parts are manufactured
  • Weight, size, quantity, and configuration of parts to be cleaned
  • Processes needed before and after cleaning
  • Method of handling – automatic and manual
  • Budget

Are you looking for high-quality industrial parts cleaning machines for your challenging cleaning requirements? If yes, we have you covered. Our experts will guide you through the proper selection. All you have to do is get in touch with us today for a detailed discussion.

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