Industrial Part Cleaners

Industrial Part Cleaners


It happens often that the components or work pieces of the large industrial machines or equipment get contaminated. If not cleaned on time and properly, it can lead to failure of the machinery, leading to further losses. This generates the necessity of industrial parts cleaners, which are specially designed to clean and make the parts ready to use again just like new. There are several manufacturers of these parts cleaner machines, but very few of them have a good experience. HPI Processes, Inc. is one such experienced provider of high-quality parts cleaner machines for different industries.

Striking Features of Parts Washing Machines

The several striking features of industrial parts cleaners make them popular among a wide range of applications. The following are some key features of this equipment based on the brand you own:

  • These parts washing machines have the capability handle huge part loads at a time.
  • The parts cleaner equipment feature a strong and sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • You can choose from a variety of construction materials and handling options.
  • These cleaning equipment consist of isolated process zones. Thus, the cross contamination of stages is prevented.
  • The parts cleaning equipment comes with a wide range of pump and blower options.
  • Some parts washing machines feature glass viewing windows.
  • They have a number of filtration options to choose from depending on the requirement.
  • The industrial parts cleaners that we manufacture feature easy access spray manifolds.
  • These products are UL listed, and comply with all the necessary industry standards.
  • The washers can either be controlled by PLC, or have a color touchscreen multi-media interface (MMMI).
  • The machine also features a display for showing the temperature.
  • These equipment are equipped with pressure gauges that are mounted on the panels.
  • The washing equipment consists of a stainless steel drip pan.
  • Another great feature of this washer is that it operates quietly, thanks to its acoustic insulation.

Benefits of Using Industrial Parts Cleaners Provided by HPI Processes, Inc.

Here are some benefits of these parts cleaner machines provided by us, which make us the most preferred choice of many businesses for buying these machines:

  • The cleaners that we provide come with modular construction options.
  • We manufacture parts cleaners in a number of standard sizes. Besides this, we can also provide you parts cleaners with custom sizes.
  • The industrial parts cleaners that we manufacture have a robust construction, which allows them to deliver good performance even in challenging operating conditions.
  • These machines come with a quick access feature, which enables easy maintenance.
  • The parts washer machines that we manufacture have the capability to work at high speeds.
  • The machines have an excellent flexibility and a scalable design.

Applications of Industrial Parts Cleaners

The parts washing machines that we manufacture can be used to clean a wide range of components. Here are a few common application areas of these washers:

  1. Wastewater Processing
  2. Paint Removal
  3. Electric Motors
  4. Aircraft Bearing
  5. Military
  6. Diesel Engine Block Parts
  7. Rail Bearing Parts
  8. Transmission Parts
Are you looking for good quality parts washers for your industrial requirements? We have you covered. Get in touch with the professionals at HPI Processes, Inc., to know more about these parts washers, and other equipment that we can provide.

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