Date: 3/21/2019

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—JRI/Jenfab, a leading nationwide manufacturer of aqueous washing machines for industrial components (parts washers), is announcing that it is consolidating its operations and rebranding itself under the name of Jenfab Cleaning Solutions.

The decision to restructure comes six years after JRI Industries acquired Jenfab and the two companies were brought together under one ownership umbrella. By further consolidating its operations, Jenfab can maximize its manufacturing efficiency as well as improve the service and quality of its products. In addition, the use of one brand name will help eliminate any market confusion that may have existed in the past and serve to further unify the company and its offerings.

Jenfab will continue to offer its full suite of solutions for any industrial parts cleaning need. This includes the heavy and light duty industrial washers from JRI’s product line as well as the precision cleaning and custom systems Jenfab is known for. For more information on Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, visit our website at

JRI/Jenfab is a leading nationwide manufacturer of standard and custom-made aqueous washing machines and cleaning solutions for a variety of industrial, automotive and manufacturing machine components. The company is a subsidiary of JRI Holdings, Inc. headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.

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