Custom Tanks & Metal Finishing Systems

Custom Tanks & Metal Finishing Systems

Custom Tanks & Metal Finishing Systems at HPI Processes, Inc.
HPI Processes, Inc.’s custom tanks and metal finishing systems offer the perfect solution at the most reasonable prices. Our experienced professional engineers and technical designers can help incorporate upgraded equipment into your existing system oe we can create a completely new process line tailored to your fabrication requirements. We are capable of providing full turnkey automated or manual metal surface finishing systems. Our modern plant is equipped with wet processing, plastic fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication capabilities.

HPI Processes, Inc.’s Wet Processing Systems

We provide a variety of innovative wet processing equipment and solutions that are useful in the following systems and applications:
  • Photo-etching/micro-machining
  • Machined and automotive parts cleaning
  • Chemical metering and pumping stations
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Bulk chemical transfer and distribution systems
  • Electro-polishing, electroplating, passivation, and anodizing
  • Electrolytic/electroless plating of precious metals and copper

Process Tanks and Tanks Control System

HPI Processes, Inc. has over 30 years experience in thermoplastic fabrication of tanks and control systems to meet every need with quality craftsmanship
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Chemical Cleaning Lines

Chemical clean system used for cleaning aerospace parts. HPI Processes, Inc. engineers designed specific features that the customer requires to meet their standards.
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Custom Tank

HPI Processes had the capability to fabricate new tanks or retro-fit customer’s existing tanks from a wide range of thermoplastics.
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Plating & Metal Finishing Systems

HPI Specializes in engineering and fabricating all types of plating and metal finishing tanks and complete turn-key systems to meet any need.
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Electro Polish Finishing Equipment

HPI engineers and fabricates Electro Polish Finishing Lines for any part configuration. Polishing process system and other process lines available for your metal finishing application requirements.
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Automated Process Systems

Designing that strikes a balance between maximum production efficiency and ease and convenience to the operator and manufactured to a rigid quality specification.
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Tanks and Baskets

Heavy duty Industrial tanks constructed from a wide range of thermoplastics and triple welded or extrusion welded for leak tight integrity. 
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Modular Concept Systems

This module is an excellent example why you should choose HPI
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Tanks with any dimension and out of any material welded with leak tight integrity and can be fitted with anything from heaters, water inlets , exhaust hoods, bussing for rectification, filtration, etc
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Compact Modular Systems

Can be used for pre-cleaning or any metal finishing application.
• Individually constructed tank walls with triple welded offer the strength and rigidity for any chemical solutions
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PH and Chemical Neutralization Systems

Various sizes and types of PH and chemical neutralization tanks with round or rectangular dimensions constructed from many types of thermoplastics to withstand any chemistry. 
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Custom Plastic Fabrication

Plastic machining and fabricating all types of plastics. Welding Capabilities: speed, hand, extrusion and butt are just a few of the options that we offer.
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Titanium Process Line

Although we excel at building turnkey finishing lines, HPI can build you just the tanks to integrate into an existing system or a new starter system that you can add additional tanks onto later.
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Passivation Process Benches/Tank Systems

Built to your specifications. Complete process benches or manual/automated process tank systems available for your passivations applications.
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Wet Process Lines

HPI Processes, Inc Specializes in the fabrication of plastic tanks and wet process lines from Cleaning to Electroplating to Anodizing to Passivation to Electro-polish, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Gold and any type of wet process station line or bench. Copper, Gold, Nickel and Tin Plating. Pre Clean, Post Clean, Black Oxide, Develop, Etch Process Tank Systems Also Available.

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CuBrite 500

The CuBrite 500 is a polishing system, designed to polish large amounts of copper and precious metals. It can be used either as a standalone system, or integrated with an existing system.
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HPI Processes, Inc.’s Plastic Fabrication Capabilities
HPI Processes, Inc.’s plastic fabrication expertise includes:
  • Custom plastic plumbing fabrication
  • Electro fusion-welded plastic piping and fittings
  • CNC routing of plastic sheet for production of custom parts
  • Rigid and flexible plastic tank liners in custom sizes and thicknesses
  • Custom modifications to standard molded plastic tanks of any material and size
  • Plastic exhaust ductwork in both rectangular and round diameter configurations
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all thermoplastic materials, including FM 4910 approved fire-retardant, and FDA, USDA rated plastic materials
  • Extrusion-welded or thermo-welded custom plastic tanks, platforms, consoles, fume exhaust hoods, chemical troughs, workstations, laboratory benches, and wet processing modules/stations.

HPI Processes, Inc.’s Stainless Steel Fabrication Services
Similar to our plastic fabrication capabilities, we offer competitively priced steel and stainless steel fabrication services, for a variety of metal finishing requirements. Also, with the help of our affiliated companies to offer custom tanks and metal finishing systems as desired by the customer.
Contact us today for the perfect solution to your custom fabrication needs. You can call our toll free number 1-888-733-2832, or reach us via email at

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