The ROC - Water Reclamation System

The ROC - Water Reclamation System

What is the ROC?
The ROC is a compact industrial water reclamation system which treats industrial water generated within your facility for as low as 1 penny per gallon.

How does the ROC Customized Waste Water Treatment System work?
Dirty Water is fed to the ROC where it is treated with a flocculant specially formulated to remove and encapsulate all types of soils, hydrocarbons, metals, etc., Filter out the separating agent, and you are left with only clean water. The sludge generated with the ROC is completely non-leachable, and can be thrown away with your garbage. Depending on your application, this industrial water reclamation system process can be performed in batches, or as continuous flow system.


The ROC 2 system reclaims waste water at a maximum flow rate of two(2) gallons per minute. Ideal for lower waste producing facilities
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The ROC 5 system reclaims waste water at a maximum flow rate of five(5) gallons per minute. Ideal for moderate to heavy waste water reclamation.
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ROC 10

The ROC 10 system reclaims waste water at a maximum flow rate of ten(10) gallons per minute and over 14,000 gallons per day.
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ROC 15

The ROC 15 system reclaims waste water at a maximum flow rate of fifteen(15) gallons per minute
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Customized Waste Water Treatment Systems

Customized wastewater treatment systems can be developed in accordance with client requirements. State-of-the-art technologies are used for filtration, recycling, and distribution purposes. We engineer superior solutions for clients of all industries.
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pH Adjust Treatment System

pH neutralization systems help in adjusting the pH of water to a suitable level. Small and large batches of water can be purified using these systems. The pH of acidic and basic water can be adjusted easily using these systems. The controls are designed to provide ease of operation.
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How does the ROC stand above the competition?
The HPI ROC customized waste water treatment systems stand up to any and all competitors due to their quality craftsmanship and superior engineering. Unlike other traditional water treatments, the ROC systems do not use smoke and mirrors to prove our equipment to be green. Our processes have been tested and approved by independent laboratories to safely generate clean water, that meets or exceeds EPA and NJDEP regulations.

What do you do with the clean water?
After treating the water, you can use it to feed your pressure washer or parts washer or discharge to the sewer. It all depends on your application. Allow HPI to provide you with the information to make good decisions.

The Flocculation process rips dirt and metals out, leaving you with clean, reusable water.

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