Why Should You Use Watermaze pH Permissive Systems for Wastewater Treatment?

pH Permissive System


Waste water treatment is comprised of various processes that are performed to remove organic compounds, heavy metals, and a variety of other contaminants from water. The adjustment of pH plays a pivotal role in the treatment of wastewater that is outside a neutral range. This post discusses the importance of pH adjustment in the treatment of wastewater as well as digital pH permissive systems.

Understanding the Importance of pH in Wastewater Treatment

In wastewater treatment, the pH is adjusted with the addition of certain basic or acidic chemicals under mechanical agitation. Adjustment of the pH value helps initiate separation of dissolved solids from the water. When water is acidic it contains a high concentration of hydrogen ions. These ions react with metals causing them to become dissolved in water. In this state it is very difficult to remove the metals. When you elevate the pH by adding a concentration of hydroxide ions, the metals begin to precipitate out of the mixture. After the metals become insoluble they can be removed by sedimentation or filtration, often with the help of a flocculation process.

Digital pH Permissive Systems in Wastewater Treatment

Watermaze’s pH Permissive System features an advanced digital pH unit. This unit comprises a durable sensor, digital controller, circulation pump and two chemical pumps all mounted on a single stand. Detailed below are the innovative functions of this system.

  • The automated pH Permissive System regulates the pH of a wastewater by continually monitoring pH levels and automatically circulating the appropriate dose of chemicals into the stream to achieve a predetermined pH.
  • The poly material construction of the circulation pump enables it to resist corrosion as it blends the pH adjustment formula into the water through a static mixer.
  • When the pH set point is satisfied, the permissive interlock design of the controller will continue with the liquid post processing.
  • Alarm system alerts chemical low-levels.
  • A compact design makes it ideal for small spaces.

You can purchase these pH treatment systems from a reputed chemical and processing company HPI Processes Inc. The company provides cleaning and wastewater treatment systems to industrial customers.