3 Functions of Water Maze Treatment Systems

Unlike before, governments of all countries have imposed strict measures that restrict manufacturing industries from releasing wastewater to public reservoirs. This urged manufacturing firms to efficiently treat the wastewater generated from several manufacturing or cleaning operations effectively. Here is where the Water Maze treatment systems can make a difference. Available in several models, these systems have revolutionized the way wastewater is treated at manufacturing firms. Let us now see, how these advanced water treatment units can be your best partner for wash water and industrial water treatment operations.

Water Maze Treatment Systems

Water Maze Treatment Systems

Water Maze Systems: Tailored to Suit Your Application Requirements

As mentioned earlier, the Water Maze units are available in a wide range of models and specifications. They outperform other conventional wastewater treatment units owing to their user-friendly features, and ease-of-use. They can be unvaryingly used for the following functions:

  • The Water Maze systems are designed to remove heavy solids or free-floating oils from the water before it is being used for other industrial applications. Furthermore, they can be used for adjusting the water pH to the required level. Overall, these units do water pre-treatment effectively for several industrial applications that demand clean water.
  • The units can also remove suspended particles or emulsified oils from water along with taking away other suspended solids. Thus they are the ideal choice for coagulation, flocculation and mechanical filtration tasks.
  • The most important application of the Water Maze technology is water evaporation. The system helps to eliminate water content of a waste stream, leaving only a minimum percentage (10%) of residues in it. These left-over residues can be cleaned and disposed easily without much efforts.

As you can see, Water Maze units are the innovative technology for treating wastewater and processing them for further use. They can treat any type of wastewater, irrespective of the percentage of residues in them. However, selecting the right type, amongst the several options is significant to get the desired results. If you are unable to select a right type of Water Maze units by own, it is always better to approach an industrial expert or a leading manufacturer. HPI Processes Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Water Maze treatment systems that are widely used in various industrial facilities across the US.