5 Intelligent Ways to Recycle and Reuse Wastewater

Global water consumption has increased in the last decade, and unfortunately many people don’t have an access to clean drinking water. Water shortage is one of the major problems around the globe. There are various precautionary measures in place to mitigate water shortage issues such as limiting water supply during the summer, steeply increasing water prices, regularizing hosepipe bans, etc.

Water-based issues have forced governments and individuals to conduct intelligent water consumption, while replenishing the water resources with practical and sustainable alternatives. Waste water recycling is one of the most practical and successful alternatives for improving water sufficiency. It can range from simple home methods to sophisticated industrial wastewater filtration systems. Given below are four simple and intelligent ways to recycle and reuse domestic waste water.

Recycle and Reuse Wastewater

    • Use Gray Water for Garden Irrigation and Watering Plants:
      Gray water is the sewage-free water from kitchen sink, washing machines, showers, or bathtubs. You can use gray water to irrigate landscapes, gardens, and potted plants around your home. Shower water or laundry water can be re-routed to small storage tanks fitted for use in the garden or toilet flushes.
    • Reuse Excess Stored Drinking Water for Cleaning and Watering Plants
      If you have got a bucketful of unused water, you can use it for watering plants, routine car washes, washing utensils, or cleaning the home.
    • Save Water from Washing Veggies or Cooking
      Have you ever thought how easily you can contribute to water conservation every day? Next time when you are boiling pasta, or washing your vegetables, take care to set the colander to drain and collect the water. Once the water gets cooler, use it in toilet flushes or drip irrigators set over plants.
    • Set Up a Rain Water Barrel
      If you have an option to invest in an equipment, you should purchase the rain water barrel. There are large storage tanks, which can be installed above the roof (for year around supply). Or another option is, simply set the barrel under the roof or gutter to collect the water, and use it for your garden, or for your toilet flushes.

There are several practical ways of recycling and reusing domestic waste water, but you need to get creative with your thoughts and take measures to implement it in daily life. For industrial uses, you can always install industrial wastewater filtration systems sourced from a reliable industrial wastewater recycling system distributor.