The Onsite Wastewater Solution to All Your Headaches

roc2 onsite waste water treatment systemsAs dirty vehicles roll into an automotive recycling facility dirty water flows back out. This water harbors more problems than just a foul odor. It is laden with heavy metals, detergents, dirt, and plenty of oils and greases. These contaminants have the potential to cause significant ecological damage when improperly disposed of. To the dismay of many recyclers, properly disposing large volumes of contaminated water is no easy task. Fortunately Pennsylvania recyclers like Chuck’s Auto Salvage, Stoystown Auto Wreckers, and Novak Auto Parts have discovered an effective and economical solution. Faced with the high prices of wastewater hauling and the inability to discharge to sewer these businesses turned to onsite wastewater treatment with the ROC2 by HPI Processes, Inc. The ROC2 is advantageous in auto recycling facilities for three main reasons: as an automated system it requires very little upkeep, it takes up little floor space, and it produces sewer-ready or recyclable water and no hazardous byproducts.

Unlike manual systems the ROC2 does not require workers to handle treatment chemicals and unlike similar automated systems it does not require frequent filter bag cleaning and replacement. The system turns on automatically as soon as the dirty water tank begins to fill. Throughout the treatment process all chemicals are metered in automatically and the resulting sludge is captured on a paper filter bed. As the filter paper clogs with sludge it will begin to advance, automatically of course, and the exhausted paper will be dumped into a dewatering collection bin. When any chemical or filter paper is running low, a sensor will signal the machine to shut down until it is refilled. The system has a footprint of 6ft by 4ft and can be accompanied by a dirty water tank and recycling module or simply pumped to drain. The reactant used in the ROC2 fully encapsulates metals dissolved in the wastewater so that they accumulate into a non-leachable sludge that is safe to be sent to the landfill with other trash.

Owners of the ROC2 have taken notice of the many ways in which the system outperforms its competitors. Some additional benefits not listed above are provided in the following user’s feedback:

When comparing the ROC2 with alternative systems we were impressed with the fact that the system runs on 110V and that it only runs as needed. The ROC2 is virtually odorless compared to the microbial systems commonly used in auto recycling. It also produces consistently clean water year-round because it works at any indoor temperature. This consistency allows us to maintain a reliable quality and cleanliness of our parts which is good for our image and good for sales.”- Doug, Chuck’s Automotive

Through years of adaptation the ROC2 has been developed to eliminate all the unnecessary inconveniences and fallbacks of an onsite wastewater treatment system. It has been designed for user convenience so that businesses can focus on profits instead of wastewater management. In a business with so many moving parts it helps to have an onsite system that thinks for itself.