Why You Need 100 Z Soap for Machine Parts Cleaning

100 Z Soap for Machine Parts Cleaning

The criteria for selecting a detergent for parts washing have for a long time been affordability, ease of use, and the overall effectiveness of contaminant removal. However, with an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of these cleaning formulas it is becoming more important to consider the environmental safety of the detergents you use. For this reason CUDA has engineered a series of biodegradable detergents, free of solvents and VOC’s. Here we will discuss one such biodegradable parts washing detergent – 100 Z Soap/CUDA Super Clean Powder Detergent. Read on to learn what it is, and how it can be beneficial to your facility.

Introduction to 100 Z Detergent

This is a heavy duty, all-purpose powder detergent with a biodegradable formulation. It is marketed by CUDA to be used in all aqueous parts washers to clean a broad range of parts.

Benefits of 100 Z Soap/CUDA Super Clean Powder Detergent
  • Effectiveness: Fast-acting, long-lasting formulation saves time and money while reducing the frequency of cleaning and changing sump solutions. The detergent effectively removes dirt, oils, heavy greases, carbon-based deposits, etc.
  • Eco-Friendly Formulation: The detergent features non-flammable, non-hazardous components that do not cause the formation of VOC’s.
  • Anti-Corrosive: The detergent contains corrosion inhibitors, which help protect parts from flash–rusting. When used properly 100 Z is safe on aluminum and other sensitive metals. Modified defoamer assists in foam control in sumps.
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: The CUDA 100 Z detergent is designed to remove the toughest contaminants. It can be used in most automated or manual parts washers to clean heavy equipment such as automotive parts, industrial equipment, heavy components, etc. The detergent performs in all solvent-free, aqueous parts washers such as conveyorized systems, high-pressure spray cabinets, and immersion tanks.
  • Cost-effective: Available in 40 or 450 lb. containers, these detergents are offered at the best bulk prices allowing manufacturers to stock supplies for the future.

You can always contact a supplier to learn more about benefits of the 100 Z Soap/ CUDA Super Clean Powder Detergent. HPI Processes, Inc. stocks a wide variety of CUDA PW detergents for industrial parts washing. Contact at sales@hpipro.com.